Wellbeing Winners

This pioneering scheme champions a greater focus on workplace wellbeing for employees across all disciplines in car dealerships and all automotive businesses through clearly defined processes and procedures. This enables dealers to achieve bronze, silver or gold Wellbeing Winners ratings enhancing the culture and creating more attractive employers with a better working environment.

Wellbeing Winners, assesses your business across five key areas of operations: business landscape (including staffing levels, stress related sick days and attrition rates), people, workplace, culture and processes.

Prove that you are an Employer of Choice by becoming a Wellbeing Winner, accredited by [M]enable.

Our skilled and qualified consultants will take you through a discussion and a series of questions based on HSE* guidelines for psychologically safe environments. To assess your business against our Bronze, Silver and Gold Standards.

Dealer sites interested in joining the scheme can start with a free 20 minute consultation before enrolling on a 12-month programme that begins with a 90 minute initial assessment with follow-ups, action plans and the opportunity to interact with other dealers at similar stages.

Assessments starting from £950 +VAT.

All MOTORS dealer customers qualify for a 20% discount on the initial assessment.

Four companies, with less than 10 employees, will be entered into monthly draws to win a FREE 90-minute initial assessment.


In a recent assessment, a dealer realised that their 41% attrition (staff turnover) of their 34 staff was costing them £322,000 per year (based on £23,000 per hire, cost). The assessment has helped them identify areas to work on to drastically reduce this AND prove their value as a great place to work.

Depending on the outcome we will recommend and suggest some actions for you to apply to your own action plan – to get you to the next level.

Book your FREE 20 min consultation here and begin your journey to being a Wellbeing Winner in Automotive TODAY.

This programme is sponsored by MOTORS, so to receive a 20% discount on the initial assessment quote MOTORS and your dealer number when booking.

People Perform well when they feel good about themselves! As an employer, you want your people to perform well – so you have a responsibility to create psychologically safe environments where they can thrive!

Menable and MOTORS (formerly known as eBay Motors Group) to launch Wellbeing Winners dealership accreditation scheme.

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