Supporting Well-Being in the automotive Sector

Piecing together proactive mental health strategies for organisations and individuals

Welcome to [M]ENABLE

Our purpose is to work with organisations within the Automotive Industry to drive and change cultures, so that Mental Health discussions are embraced and encouraged – to sustain performance and growth.

Positive Employee Outcomes = Positive Customer Outcomes = Positive Business Outcomes. 

Critical to continued performance and growth is an open and honest culture around the stresses your team face. We work with business leaders and managers to enable them to disrupt traditional cultures and prepare their teams for times of change. 

Proactively recognising the day-to-day stresses when working in fast-paced environments is key to maintaining a healthy mindset. Our trained and experienced coaches and ambassadors can work with you to provide strategies for coping and thriving. 

About The Movement

[M]enable is a “movement” which aims to raise awareness and create proactive steps across the Automotive Sector to tackle the issue of Mental Health. We began originally for men, by men – but this issue is by no means exclusive. 

Working in collaboration with a number of coaches and consultants, we will also collaborate with organisations who are providing counselling and therapy services.

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Want to learn more about how Menable can help you or your organisation? Schedule a free consultation using the link below. We are not a Mental Health Care Provider, but if you would like to talk to someone in confidence, please reach out and we will work with you to find the right support. 

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